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Rooftop Cinema Club Expands Movie-Going Horizons With 2nd L.A. Location

The Rooftop Cinema Club now has two spectacular locations in the Los Angeles area -- at The Montalbán in Hollywood and at LEVEL in downtown L.A. Photos are courtesy of Rooftop Cinema Club

Nowadays, we’re all celebrities to some degree. Sure, some of us have more online followers – or even much more – but there’s always a friend or two who love being apprised of what we’re up to on social media.

So, if this is the case, then it’s perhaps best that we live luxuriously and plentifully with food, drink, and vistas galore, enriched by our surroundings and the affirming “likes.”

Rooftop Cinema Club’s Montalbán location epitomizes the spirit of Hollywood while allowing a welcomed respite from the city’s hustle and bustle. Photo credit: Mariah Tauger

One way to do this is by going out to see movies, but perhaps not at the nearby cinemaplex – even with all of the newfangled technological trappings. Times are a changing, and everyday experiences are better when they’re all-encompassing and unique in what they have to offer.

Luckily, this summer, courtesy of the Rooftop Cinema Club, there is not one but now two locations in Los Angeles that satisfyingly fulfill our desire for an adventurous film odyssey with eclectic choices like “Casablanca,” “Dirty Dancing,” and “La La Land.” One is the rooftop of the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre overlooking Vine St. in Hollywood, and the other is (since only June 7th) the fourth-floor rooftop of LEVEL Furnished Living above Olive St. in downtown L.A.

Rooftop Cinema Club’s newest location — at LEVEL in downtown Los Angeles — offers patrons a lavish and placid experience.

With the addition of the LEVEL site, the Rooftop Cinema Club has expanded its largess and solidified its reputation by offering classic and contemporary films that can be enjoyed on a perch hidden away in the midst of not only dazzling Hollywood, but a sumptuous metropolitan cityscape. At both spots, patrons enjoy the benefit of adjustable audio headsets to block out the distracting din, lawn chairs to recline on, blankets on loan to cover their laps with (free of charge), popcorn or gourmet crafted food in one hand, and a cocktail in the other. Not to mention, films are projected neatly onto a painted square that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Also, the nearby popcorn/candy and drink stands are usually open all night just in case anyone has mid-film munchies and/or is suddenly parched.

As for the differences, the roof of The Montalbán is its own box-shaped retreat in the sky – the culmination of walking up several surreptitious flights of stairs after being greeted in secret agent-like fashion by an employee on the ground of bustling Hollywood. The takeaway from being absorbed in a film at The Montalbán venue is the feeling of temporary freedom from the frenzy of Hollywood, while at the same time, still being able to feed off the engaging vibe and energy of fellow denizens.

Bob Hoskins in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” at Rooftop Cinema Club’s LEVEL venue in downtown Los Angeles.

In comparison, the LEVEL experience is a little more lavish in scope. Instead of stairs, there’s an elevator, which upon exiting, reveals a space that is a little more expansive, with an upscale basketball court and swimming pool/jacuzzi belonging to the luxury high-rise apartment complex. And, upon turning left into the terrace, there is a row of outdoor fire pits that will catch one’s eye before making another left and walking toward the end of the platform, where the drink/popcorn stand and open-air theater are situated. Here, one will find some more privacy and a slightly quieter ambiance, contributing to a serene experience.

Certainly, though one venue may be more high-spirited and the other more peaceful, one can’t go wrong with either experience – and it is highly recommended that both options be explored. The prices in both cases are the same and quite reasonable, too, starting with individual General Admission at $19. All showings are selling out very quickly this summer, and it is urged that tickets be purchased as soon as possible.

For more information about the Rooftop Cinema Club, please visit

For the list of scheduled films to be played at the The Montalbán in Hollywood (1615 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028), visit

And for the list of films at LEVEL in downtown Los Angeles (888 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90014), visit


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