Creep LA Partners with Amazon Prime Video to Unveil “Lore” on Oct. 5th

Creep LA: Lore will take place in downtown Los Angeles between October 5th and November 12th. Photo credit: CreepLA.com

Certainly, there are a myriad of Halloween attractions to choose from in October, all of which promise a ghoulish and hair-raising experience for its participants. With haunted houses and mazes galore, at either theme parks or local hotspots, it’s difficult to single out any one option.

That said, any time Amazon forms a partnership to bring an experience to life – this time in the context of a Halloween-themed extravaganza in downtown Los Angeles – it is noteworthy and deserving of discussion.

The experience in question is by Creep LA. It was founded in 2015 by creator Justin Fix of Just Fix It (JFI) Productions, which has, over the past two years, won over courageous event-goers, including many a celebrity, with a multi-sensory and immersive one-hour adventure. Groups of eight are led through an eerie narrative (brought to unnerving life by accomplished actors), which combines truth-influenced intrigue with terror, and focuses on the strangely real-life occurrences that gave rise to the pop-culture horror we know of today.

As a result of its collaboration with Amazon Prime Video, Creep LA: Lore has become a must-do event this Halloween season. Image courtesy of Amazon

Now that Amazon Prime Video has joined forces with Creep LA to engender an experience inspired by Amazon Prime Exclusive’s Lore, a six-episode series to debut on October 13th — which is, moreover, based on Aaron Mahnke’s original podcast — Creep LA’s third annual offering, titled Creep LA: Lore, has already become a must-do experience. It will begin on October 5th and run on select dates through November 12th.

With not only Amazon in the fold, but the non-profit, True Connection, which is committed to youth empowerment in the arts, Fix’s team — including artistic director David Ruzicka, writer Daniel Montgomery, performance director Fione Rene, and choreographer Steph Turek — has an exceedingly innovative palette to work with. Scary stories are most impactful when they are more non-fiction than fantasy, and given Lore’s source material, there is much to work with.

Needless to say, with media-juggernaut Amazon in its corner, the Creep LA: Lore experience will abound with even more unbelievable production values that will contribute to an engagingly stirring journey, exploring the grimness of human nature – both the unknowable and the unconscionable — with thrillingly memorable results. Because the last two years’ events sold out as quickly as they did, interested parties would be advised to purchase tickets as soon as possible.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit CreepLA.com

The site is located at Magic Box LA (1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007), with actual entrance to Creep LA: Lore being at 1986 Hill St.


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