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Interview: Hollywood Actor, Malcolm McDowell (on latest film, “Pound of Flesh”)

After LAXposed officially ended its last live video broadcast at UCLA, host & creator, Cameron Kash, began venturing and interviewing in the homes of Hollywood celebrities and beyond. A famous British actor, Malcolm McDowell, who is most known for his role in the cult-classic, “A Clockwork Orange”, would be Cameron’s first interviewee after UCLA. The interview would focus on Malcolm’s latest film at the time, “Pound of Flesh” (about college prostitution), and his lengthy and successful career as an actor, including the cultural impacts of his films.

Due to time constraints, we have only been able to release 3 clips from the interview about his later film, “Pound of Flesh”. Expect more clips and segments from this 1 hour long interview (includes conversations about his entire career) to be posted in the near future!

Clip 1) The Inspiration for Professor Melville?

Clip 2) Malcolm “Pimp Daddy” McDowell!?!

Clip 3) Malcolm’s Take on College Prostitution Before and After the Film

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