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Interview: Lead Singer of Punk Rock Band, Crying 4 KAFKA

Cameron Kash goes backstage at the world famous ROXY in Hollywood, as he interviews the lead singer of the very controversial punk rock band that once opened for “Bad Religion”, Crying 4 KAFKA. The lead singer, Paul Abramson, is also a Psychology professor at UCLA who is most famous for his classes on “Human Sexuality” and “Sex and The Law”. Using his educational background and tremendous résumé as an expert witness for numerous sexual abuse cases, his most popular songs have been “Fuck Mom / Fuck Dad” (about child abuse) and “Give Sodomy a Chance” (about the U.S. laws of sodomy). His band has continued to work with the music producer of “Bad Religion” and the lead guitarist of “Nine Inch Nails”, Robin Finck. They are currently garnering a great following in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Paul would later bring the entire band for a live performance on LAXposed!

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