Getting to Know the Inspiring Sabrina Pound: Hollywood Superstar Cat Extraordinaire

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Pound

Once in a while, we’re met with stories that not only defy expectations, but teach us that the impossible can very well be possible. Despite how much we want to be successful, it’s not easy getting there because many of us decide that the pain that paves the path to glory simply isn’t worth it. As we’ve discovered, or soon will, it doesn’t necessarily matter if we read a catalog of self-improvement books, walk on blisteringly hot coals, see every Adam Sandler film in which Rob Schneider famously utters “You can do it!”, or if our best friend sings our praises like Pavarotti at the Met. Just as soon as our self-worth can balloon into the stratosphere, and we feel like we’re indestructible, the universe can just as easily come crashing down on our illusions as we’re caught catnapping on our goals.

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Pound

Where am I going with this? Well, it’s a good thing you asked. The point I’m trying to make is simple. While we’ve been lying to ourselves, and looking to other fallible humans for guidance and support, a feline by the name of Sabrina Pound has catapulted herself into not only the stratosphere, but solidified and sustained the reality of her boundless imagination, working harder than a great number of us lazy fantasizers ever did. “The Secret” is real; through faith and the unending power of the will to be great, she has surmounted her furry limitations, leaping over them with cat-like reflexes, and doing so with the artistic ingenuity of a Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo, or Donatello.

Similar to how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have embraced their half-shells, and learned to become not just expert English speakers, but inspirational heroes to their species – not to mention TV/film icons to millions – Sabrina has done much of the same. The fun-loving feline, who was initially a rescue, has sashayed her way through her hard-knocks beginnings in Queens, NY, remaining outgoing and positive despite every reason not to be – like being incessantly catcalled every time she was in public. Nonetheless, while her peers were either catty with each other, or became catatonic off booze, she took a liking to Fellini films, and plied her acting trade in high school and community theater before getting admitted into the prestigious London Shakespeare School of Drama, where she became known for hairball-free diction when reciting monologues. Since then, she has starred in world-renowned films like “Pounce,” “Camouflage” and “Sayonara Sabrina,” and earned the lead role in a Las Vegas musical residency entitled “The Pound Review.”

So, how has Sabrina done it? What has been the catalyst for her prosperity? If you ask her, it has been by remaining humble in the face of adversity and refusing to become a victim even when people flaunted their privilege. “A cat,” she always reminded herself, “is never to doubt her personal agency.” And so, through steadfast discipline, an animal-like work ethic, and a strict dietary regimen (assisted via a personal chef), Sabrina has reshaped her reality. Most of all, she has categorically taught humankind, with her magnificent meows, and pontificating paws, that if a cat can be anything she wants to be, then so can we humans. For both her aspiring wannabe-actor fans, and for the public at large, it is sage advice that would behoove us to absorb like catnip.

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