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Interview: Rapper, Azad Right

“Azad was one of three artists to be selected by adidas in 2010 for an international spoken word campaign. He was chosen after being discovered while performing at a Def Jam rap star videogame release party. He then went on to open for Method Man and Redman in 2010. The end of 2011 was a busy one for Azad, as he opened for UK Pop Sensation Tinie Tempah, Hip-Hop veterans Phonte & 9th Wonder and West Coast representers Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar […] His most recent achievement being the completion and release of his debut EP, A Piece of Mine, in February 2011. Azad feels most alive when on stage performing and plans to kick off a nationwide tour following the release of his much-anticipated mixtape, The Time is Right in September.” –

The setting is Los Angeles, California, and we’re at UCLA for Azad Right’s performance in front of a crowd of hundreds at the ISG Culture Show. It’s a chilly night and the Freud Playhouse performance hall is packed with Iranian Americans, the same heritage shared by Azad. One of his main goals is to shatter the cultural prejudices in the music industry and he has been quite successful thus far, as he has gained millions of views on YouTube alone for his hit music videos. Having just performed a few songs live and a spoken word, our crew was there to quickly get an interview of him before he exited. With gelled back hair, and a red and brown leather jacket, we caught up with him in the dressing room to ask him a few questions about his sudden rise in rap/hip-hop, and what’s next to come. He’s cool, calm, collected, and his confidence is unmistakable. Watch this exclusive interview with the underdog rapper, Azad Right, after his live performance at the UCLA ISG Culture Show! Your hosts are Cameron Kash and Weapon-X.


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