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Interview: The ONLY Persian Sorority In The World

Before LAXposed, there was only “The Paymon Jalali Show”. In one of the most memorable interviews on the show, host, Paymon Jalali, interviews the world’s only Persian (Iranian) Sorority, Sigma Pi Sigma. In this approx. 20 minute interview, Paymon asks the sorority sisters how they created their unique group at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), what it takes to become a “sister”, and more. The conversation would include five of the women from the sorority, as they would discuss the various trials and tribulations of forming their sisterhood at UCLA.

Before it transitioned into just a sorority, Sigma Pi Sigma was originally known only as the Persian Society of Community Outreach (PSCO) at UCLA. Located in Westwood, California, the campus of UCLA  is home to one of the largest populations of students of Iranian/Persian descent. Having there long been a Persian Fraternity on campus (PSAC – formed in 1993), the original idea of this new all-female Persian club was primarily focused on maintaining a high level of community service, which formed the basis for this one and only sorority. Paymon further asks them if we will ever see a Persian sorority house on campus. Several viewers during this live show would call in asking the women various questions, including if men could possibly join this beautiful all-female group, and how women directly from Iran in the sorority fair with women of only Iranian descent. It’s serious, it’s funny, it’s complex, and it’s historic, as the ever so charming Paymon makes these gorgeous women laugh and smile all throughout the show.

Finally, to spice up the ending, Paymon turns on some Persian music, and dances with the gorgeous girls! Check out this amazing Pre-LAXposed interview with the only Persian sorority in the world! You don’t want to miss it.



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