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Ashley x Pandora Present Crowd-Pleasing Installation & John Legend Set

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On the evening of Friday, March 25th, Ashley Furniture and Pandora teamed up for “Home on Tour Featuring John Legend” at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles. Although it was a collaboration that may have seemed surprising or unusual at first glance, it made for an ideal synergy in the end that ticked all the boxes.

A few thousand influencers, content creators, and interested parties were out in full force enjoying Ashley’s spring inspirations. In the wide expanse of the Expo Hall, attendees took in the motifs of the collection – which symbolized the vitality of the spring season — by stopping by at various curated booths. These included a Succulent Bar where individuals picked their very own potted succulent to take home, an Infuser Kits station where they chose a glass-bottled contraption with dried fruit that acted as an alcohol infusion kit, and a Scented Oil Diffusers station that educated on incense and vibe-remedying fragrances.

Strewn about the atmospheric setting were a few spots where acquaintances and friends could, of course, take photos – on furniture ranging from a gorgeous grey sectional to a snowy-hued bed that appeared to provide an ultimately fulfilling night of sleep.

Amid the center of the installation was a grand piano with an array of speakers overhead. While spring was in the air, a John Legend set also beckoned. After all, Pandora partnered with Ashley Furniture for a reason: to deliver a legendary performance within the context of the new digs being underscored. Certainly, once the thousands gathered around on the first floor and on the balcony, John Legend took the stage in a dazzling red suit, commencing a crowd-pleasing 45-minute set.

Among the hits Legend performed were “Tonight (Best You Ever Had),” “Love Me Now,” “Used to Love U,” “Ordinary People,” a cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and inarguably his biggest hit, “All of Me.” Without a misstep, Legend effortlessly played the chords, as he looked out into the audience, holding them in the palms of his hands and fingers, while simultaneously covering a range of emotions with his smooth vocals.

At the conclusion of the event, an unlikely partnership between Ashley Furniture, Pandora, and John Legend became a doubtlessly natural one, satisfying a spectrum of senses from the visual to the aural, and proving to be ceaselessly entertaining throughout.

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