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Interview: USGS – Will we see a devastating California EARTHQUAKE soon?

In this latest video, we interview a member of United States Geological Survey (USGS), and ask the age old question, will we see a devastating Southern California earthquake soon?

The question is one that Californians (where LAXposed is obviously located) have largely ignored for decades because the effects could be absolutely tragic. What kind of Earthquake would it be? Would it occur in the suburbs? Does it have to do with the San Andreas fault? Can we expect a Tsunami afterward? Can we predict exactly the time and place the “big one” (a 7.0 earthquake or higher) will happen? How do we prepare? (Watch the video now)

We talk to UCLA Ph.D student and USGS member, Debbie Weiser, as she tells us some startling details of what to expect in the near future living in California. Currently, the USGS can make forecasts (kind of like weather predictions), and their current forecast for an upcoming and devastating (7.0+) California earthquake affecting the suburbs is shocking. Can we prepare for something like this? Will a big earthquake happen in the near future? Weiser doesn’t hold back the details that could inevitably change our lives in California.

Overall, if you live in California, always *be prepared* for earthquakes! 
Listen to tips from the USGS:

Or for a list of preparations / what to do during an earthquake:

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