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Weapon-X performs LIVE with DJ Cheps at the Lava Sports Lounge

You all know him as the co-host of LAXposed, but Weapon-X is also an amazing aspiring rapper in Los Angeles working his way up to the top. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Weapon-X lived a troubled childhood. Fighting was the only way he learned how to gain any respect, until he discovered the power of music. Influenced by Tupac, Wu Tang, Ras Kass, Jedi Mind Tricks (and many more), rap and hip hop became his love to conquer life’s trials and tribulations. The Weapon would release his first album Portrait of a “Starving Artist” on Jan 29th, 2008 that would captivate the underground rap world.

Just recently, he performed outside of Los Angeles for the first time at the Lava Sports Lounge in Thousand Oaks, California. Weapon-X, who is also a member of the hip-hop crew, Music & Strength, teamed up with the quick spinning and scratching DJ Cheps for a powerful performance. If you weren’t there, it was a chilly night with a crowd still walking in the doors, as Weapon-X and DJ Cheps immediately took them by surprise with their onstage charisma and fan-interactive singles. Sporting a red Chicago Bulls jacket, Music and Strength T-Shirt, and a red sports hat, Weapon-X grabbed the microphone and began his set, as he quickly engaged them like no other performer before him. You had to see it to believe it, which is why the host of LAXposed, Cameron Kash, and the camera team, were there to film his performance and get an exclusive interview (to be posted soon).

Check out the video below of one of the singles they performed, which hasn’t even been named yet (for now, we’ll call it “Unreleased Track”). The interview is coming soon…

View Photos of Weapon-X from LAXposed


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