35 Minutes with Stand-Up Comedian, Max Amini

He is one of the most popular and rising stand-up comedian’s in the world today. His name is Max Amini and his opinion on Iranian Mom’s and Tomato Juice, Gay Wingman, L.A. Clubs, and several other comedic topics have garnered him millions of views on YouTube alone. Not to mention, he’s sold out shows all over the world, including Los Angeles, Toronto, Dubai, London, and more. In the following 35 minutes, we give you the most in-depth biography and interview of Max Amini the Internet has ever seen! He tells us how he got into comedy, how his stand-up comedy teacher once told him “you’re horrible Max”, and how he proved her wrong by being the last man standing (and most successful) from his class. Furthermore, he delves into his acting career, what movies and TV shows he’s been on, and his current relationship with the even more famous Actor/Comedian, Maz Jobrani.

It’s an interview that’s hilarious, thought provoking, and inspirational. Watch it below:

Max was also on the LAXposed Dating Game playing a sleazy club promoter / pimp called “Cheese”. It’s extremely funny as he fights against 3 other men to date a hot Los Angeles Model who has no idea what’s truly going on. If you haven’t it seen it, watch it here!

For more info on Max Amini
»» Web: http://MaxAmini.com/
»» Facebook: http://facebook.com/MaxAmini
»» YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/MaxAmini



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