Inventive Circus Troupe Returns to Santa Monica’s Broad Stage with ‘RÉVERSIBLE’

Photo credit: Alexandre Galliez

The circus has evolved to greater heights than previously ever imagined since the days of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. The arts collective known as the 7 Fingers, a Montreal-based group, which began in 2002 via its 7 founders, is responsible for admirably redefining the circus for the new socially and emotionally conscious generation. Consequently, by intertwining elements of theater, music, and dance, the organization has made the performance art more than just about death-defying acrobatics (although, not to worry, as there is still very much of that), bolstering its presentation with an overarching message on unity and the human condition.

Photo credit: Alexandre Galliez

Traveling the world as they do plying their unique trade, 7 Fingers is making a tour stop with their latest offering, entitled “RÉVERSIBLE,” to Santa Monica’s Broad Stage for only three performances between February 15th and 17th. It marks a highly anticipated return to the venue since “Cuisine & Confessions” — a production filled with hopes, dreams, jaw-dropping aerial feats, and a love of food in a kitchen setting — wowed audiences more than two years ago.

“RÉVERSIBLE” continues the circus outfit’s exploration into more resonant themes that go beneath the surface, asking us to uncover answers about who we are, where we came from, and where we’re headed. Gypsy Snider, one of 7 Fingers’ co-founders, as well as the writer, director, choreographer of “RÉVERSIBLE,” was hanging laundry one day when she thought of her individual identity in relation to her familial heritage. Certainly, in most ways, our DNA is a product of precursory bloodlines that have laid the foundation for us as descendants.

Photo credit: Alexandre Galliez

Thus, this flash of insight in Snider’s mind sparked the idea for a production that has incorporated eight performers, of different backgrounds, whose professional and personal lives have been forever changed due to “RÉVERSIBLE.” Preparation for the show has led to an unearthing of stories about their real-life lineages dating as far back as 150 years, illuminating new and undiscovered knowledge about their great-grandparents and grandparents, for instance. For some of the performers, it’s like they’re being reacquainted, though on a stronger level, with their ancestors, and for others, it’s like they’re meeting for the very first time.

For the cast of “RÉVERSIBLE,” the experience is akin to wayfaring through a world completely turned on its head and teeming with the most impassioned of emotions that evoke a love of beauty and grace. It is an art form unlike any other, which juxtaposes moments of engaging disclosure with awe-striking athletic marvels on an edifice-like set designed by Ana Cappelluto, where wheels, ropes, poles, hoops, and more, will challenge the human body to transcend its limitations.

The body follows where the spirit leads, and a nourished spirit, empowered and emboldened by its historical origins, is the greatest fuel for creative expression. 7 Fingers: “RÉVERSIBLE” seeks to inspire the same discovery in its audience members that has proven to be life-changing to its artists when it comes to Santa Monica on February 15th-17th.

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